Top-Rated Suspension System Service & Repair in Fairview Heights, IL

Have you ever been behind the wheel of a go cart? Or how about on the back of a grocery cart through the parking lot? This is the feeling of having virtually no suspension system. If you are riding in the grocery cart and it hits a pothole, you will be surprised at how hard you bounce out. This is why making sure that your vehicle’s suspension system is working its best so that you don’t have to deal with a major issue if you accidentally hit a pothole, bump, curb, or other uneven pieces on the road.

Suspension System Repair in Fairview Heights IL

What Parts Are in My Suspension System

Some of the parts that make up your vehicles suspension system include:

  • Wheels and Tires
  • Springs
  • Shock Absorbers & Struts
  • Linkages, Tie Rod Ends
  • Bushings Bearings & Joints
  • Steering System (Every Component That Turns Your Wheels)
  • Hydraulic Power Steering
  • Electric Power Steering

Other Suspension Repairs

If damaged shocks, springs, and struts have already caused damage to your suspension and undercarriage, let our team make any necessary repairs. No matter if it is the control arms or the ball joints, our team is experienced in a wide array of repair capabilities that encompass almost anything that is needed to keep your vehicle working as efficiently as it should.

Signs That My Shocks & Struts Are Broken in Fairview Heights IL

Signs That My Shocks & Struts Are Broken

The Following Indicators may be warning you that you have issues with your struts and shocks in your vehicle:

  • Fluid Leaking Near Your Struts or Shocks
  • Car is Leaning or Sagging in One Direction
  • Car Dips Backwards When You Speed Up-or Feels Dangerous to Drive at a High Speed
  • Your Car Dips Forward When You Brake
  • Your Tire Tread is Worn Down Unevenly

Some Signs That There Might be an Issue with Your Steering:

  • There is Difficulty with Turning Your Steering Wheel
  • Your Steering Wheel Vibrates
  • The Vehicle Pulls Itself to One Side
  • There are Grinding and Screeching Noises When You Turn the Steering Wheel
  • There is Fluid Leaking Underneath the Steering System
  • The Steering Wheel Either is Stiff or Turns Too Easily
  • The Steering Wheel Slips While Turning
If you are dealing with power steering issues, make sure to call our team at Mark II Tune-Up! We are here to help the entire Fairview Heights, IL community with their suspension and steering issues.
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